Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Natural Tips to Cure and Treat Jaundice at Home

Jaundice is not a disease , but a symptom of a disease when our liver produce a yellow like chemical called Bilirubin which formed by the destruction of hemoglobin. The red blood cells destroyed after a certain period and our body drain or removes out Bilirubin through liver and kidneys. Poor liver function is not able to remove this chemical and an abnormal rise of bilirubin in the blood which causes jaundice. Excessive level of Bilirubin can cause major health problem like anemia, hepatitis, liver failing, spleen diseases, brain infection and damages.

  • Bright Yellow Urine
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Severe Weakness
  • White Pasty Stools
  • Yellow Discoloration
To boost the liver function in the body to control the bilirubin level, natural treatment are very much effective and helpful without any side effect to make the  jaundice levels less life-threatening. 

Most Effective Natural Tips and Remedies to Cure Jaundice

  1. Compress the whole pomegranate juice with peel off and mix 10g natural sugar (misri) in it. Drink it  daily to cure and treat jaundice naturally.
  2. Mix 15g Honey in 85g pure juice of Bitter gourd (karayla) and give it to the patient daily with an empty stomach to treat and cure jaundice naturally.
  3. Soak 100 grams Tamarind, 50 grams Plum/Prunes (aloo bukhara), 50 grams dry coriander seeds and 50 grams dry Nymphaea alba/Lily flower in clay pot in 4 liter water for overnight. Next morning mix all the ingredients in it and filter this water. Then add candy sugar (misri) in it and drink it for one week. Best natural tip to treat jaundice at home.
  4. Mix and mash 20 grams Tragacanth gum/Stercullia gum (gond katira), 20 grams Psyllium Husk and 1 Banana in 1/2 liter boiled but cold milk. Leave it overnight and next morning grind it with natural candy. Drink it daily for one week. Best and effective to treat and cure jaundice.
  5. Make a paste with 12 grams Hina Leaves and boil it in 180 milliliter water. Filter this water and give it to the patient early in the morning with an empty stomach. 
  6. Soak 12 grams Wild Chicory (Kasni) seeds in 1/4 liter water overnight. Next morning filter this water and take it to the patient. 
  7. Make a powder with 25 grams Wild Chicory seeds, 25 grams Calamus/Sweet roots (mulathi) and black salt 25 grams. Daily take 3 grams 2 times in a day to treat jaundice.
  8. Take 6 flower of Babula tree (kikar), 6 gram white cumin powder and soak them in 1/4 liter water for overnight. Next morning filter it and drink it with an empty stomach.
  9. Barley (joo) water is the best and most effective natural treatment for jaundice. Boil crushed barley in water and drink it during the day 4-5 times. Best to remove excessive bilirubin and improve liver and spleen health. Also removes liver inflammation naturally.
  10. Wheat grass is an excellent natural source to boost the liver with the enzymatic increasing abilities to flush out the excessive bilirubin from the body, take one glass during the day.
  11. Mix 2 Lemon juice in 150 grams water and drink it daily for 7 days before going to sleep. Must feel positive effect in a week.
  12. Eat daily 250-300 grams Papaya slices it removes bilirubin from our body naturally and improves liver and stomach health.
  13. Take 1-2 glass of sugar cane juice daily with an empty stomach early in the morning.
  14. Pomegranate, Apple and Carrot juice is also best to treat and prevent from jaundice for all ages. It cure the patient from anemia.
  15. Daily drinking 4-5 glasses of Blueberries juice during the day is also very much effective to treat jaundice naturally at home.
  16. Take 1-2 tablespoons of Baby Radish leaves and extract the juice or boil them in 1 glass of water. Drink this water daily for one week.
  17. Mix 2 tablespoons of Psyllium husk in 150 grams Yogurt, 1 Banana and 1 pinch of Turmeric powder. Take it daily with your breakfast to cure and treat jaundice. Potassium in banana is a natural detoxifying and anti bacterial source to remove out toxins from the body.
  18. Tomato juice with a pinch of salt and pepper is helpful in preventing and treating adult jaundice. 
  19. Make a powder with 3 grams Cassia Absus (Chaksu) seeds and soak 5 grams Sandal wood powder in 1/4 liter water overnight. Next morning filter sandal wood water and take cassia absus (chaksu) seeds powder with it. 
  20. Daily taking Snake root (Anjabar) Syrup with 30 milliliter water before going to sleep is the best tonic to treat jaundice at home.
What to Add and What to Avoid
  • Totally avoid taking spicy, oily or fatty and fast foods.
  • Avoid to take Alcohol completely.
  • Keep away from smoking. 
  • Take boiled water and try to drink more water than normal.
  • Reduce consumption of sodium or salt in your daily diet.
  • Avoid to rest in room which is not provide you proper sun rays. But avoid to take direct sun light.